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Our strategies helped one author sell nearly 30,000 books his first year on Amazon, and we’re sharing these strategies with a limited number of authors!

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If your marketing strategy looks something like this…


…your book sales probably DON’T look like this…


The above screenshot shows the actual book sales (red) and borrows (blue) during the month of Sept 2014, with combined total sales averaging 178 books/day.

…and you wish your royalties looked more like this…


These are actual amounts paid out by Amazon for book sales in August and September of 2014.

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To prevent market saturation, we can only allow a limited number of authors into our club. So if you’re serious about making money as an author, register today!

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So What Does The Course Cover?


Module 1

The Self Publishing Process We’ll show you the 7 steps that every self published author should be doing with each book.


Module 2

After You Publish Learn the #1 reason so many self-published authors fail, and how to avoid this mistake.


Module 3

Optimizing Amazon Make it easier for readers to find you in search results and you’ll have a better chance of selling more books.


Module 4

Getting Reviews You need reviews to help drive sales. We’ll show you how to get the ball rolling.


Module 5

Facebook – Fan Page Setup This can be a powerful tool as an author when set up correctly. We show you how.


Module 6

Facebook – Getting Fans Learn how to reach beyond the people you know to find new fans and ultimately new readers.


Module 7

Facebook – Engaging Fans This is where the majority of fan pages get it wrong, so we’ll teach you the right way to interact with your FB fans.


Module 8

Facebook – Running Ads Paid advertising is can work great when used correctly. Do it wrong though, and it’s costly and ineffective.


Module 9

Twitter Strategy Are you using twitter? Does it even make sense? Learn the basics, and how to get followers without spending a dime.


Module 10

Bookbub Promotion Is it worth spending your money on a Bookbub promotion? We’ll share our experience, good and bad, to help you decide.


Module 11

Amazon Promotion Learn how to use the various Amazon promotions to help you sell more books.


Module 12

Other Marketing Resources This is our smorgasbord of additional information and resources, all in one place for easy access.

Club Discounts

Self-publishing isn’t cheap, so we’ve arranged for Club members to have access to discounted professional self-publishing services, including editing, book cover design, and formatting services.

Private Blog

Marketing is constantly evolving, so Club members can stay up-to-date with access to our private blog. We’ll share all our new tips, tricks, and strategies as they develop—all to help you sell more books.

According to a survey done by Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, over 60% of self-published authors reported total earnings of less than $5000, with 19% reporting no income at all!*

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Actual time frame and number of books sold: from Sept 2013 – Oct 2014 (14 months) 30,219 books were sold.

Required Legal Disclaimer: The FTC requires that we identify what a “typical” result is. Unfortunately, most people either never complete courses like this, or they simply don’t follow through with the information they’ve been given. We can’t make any guarantees about the level of success that you’ll have by using this course and taking action, we only know that the strategies herein have worked for someone else, and may work for you if you study the course and take action implementing the strategies shared.

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*Digital Book World/Writer’s Digest self publishing income survey

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